Severed Hand and two heads, Titus Andronicus   Hot wax & molds


Diary of a Madman by Gogol    Feather & Candle crown


Dead chicken, Dancing at Lughnasa,   actual feathers


16th Century Crib, The Clearing   designed, built, painted


Diner, Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean.

featuring light-up Last Supper, window displays

Bar, A Measure of Cruelty     80 family photos on mirror and walls. 

Props for bar include bottles, glasses, all bar hardware, beer tap handles. 

Food, modelling clay and paint, Death and the Maiden

Car for  They're Playing Our Song

before wheels and steering wheel added


Upholstery, The Balcony


Sarcophagus, Titus Andronicus

   Talking Stone, Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl

Wooden structure, chicken wire, papier mache, rolling office chair

Prop work also includes carving styrofoam, working with hot glue, power tools, electric tools, hot knife, razor knives.  Modelling clay, molds, gel, finishes, sewing, vaccuform. 


  3' x 5' from photo of Trieste

Marble floor,  Edges of Our Bodies

   3' x 5 painting of' barn door from photo

The Birds, front porch

Diary of a Madman,  floor grate

Linoleum floor

 Woodgrain painting: floor, bar, walls.  A Measure of Cruelty, Mosaic Theatre.


Map of Texas on slanted floor, Talking Pictures

Note coffee stain and aging.  Lettering of various sizes.

  Tomb Walls, The Mummy

Distressed walls, texture, Egyptian painting done with oil chalk, fixative

Marble urn, stones and pottery faux painted and aged.

Painting also includes:

A variety of marble finishes, The Sound of Music, Evita.

Granite columns (24) and safe door, Frederico's Jewelers, Traverse City, Michigan

Granite countertop, Distracted, Caldwell Theatre, Boca Raton

Other finishes: Concrete, brick (carved from styrofoam or purely paint), stones, rusted steel, brass and copper patinas.  

Texturized surfaces with acetone, joint compound, sand or sawdust added to paint. 

Techniques include sponging, scumbling, rag rolling, stencils, washes.

  Fountain, stone & tile, Twelfth Night

Designed set and gate, built and painted fountain